Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Real World

I want to share some practical advice concerning prayer to help you with the real world.

1. Spiritually immaturity is why we can ask God for something and be told "No."

God does not give us the things we ask for when the request we are making will allow us to settle into what He considers to be bad behavior. (See James 4:3)

I wrote last time about spiritual newborn infants, and am going to bring it up again here and a few more times in the future. There is a huge difference between how a baby talks and how a responsible adult talks.

This kind of difference exists in prayer as well. If you want to learn more about the difference, then I want to recommend you read "The Battle Plan for Prayer" by Stephen and Alex Kendrick.

2. Satan's influence in our world is also a problem.

Satan is able to accomplish more about a Christian whose spiritual maturity level is the same as a baby than he can around one who has 30 years of experience recognizing and resisting Satan's influence.

Prayer can help us deal with our problems from #1 and with Satan's influence over our "passions" from James 4:3 that have become habits we need to get rid of.

3. God's help with these two problems comes only in response to prayer.

It is an awareness of God's presence that can restrain our desire to indulge in whatever kind of sinful behavior we allowed to become habits in our lives. It is also God's presence that comes in response to prayer to oppose Satan's power and presence.

Let me tell you two personal prayer stories about Satan's power and presence. Several years ago, I had a dream that a monster from one of the most popular horror films of the time was following me around. I woke up from the dream and found that same monster was standing in my bedroom, and he had a knife.

I remember praying, and said "God, I can't deal with this right now, please help me."

To this day, I still remember what happened next. The purest blue light I have ever seen appeared in the room, and wit it was an angel with a sword. I slept well that night.

I also remember another night I was alone at home and I found myself thinking I needed to go to the kitchen, get a knife and slit my throat. Of course, i thought to myself I am not going to do that. At that point, the voice I heard became so violent I actually wanted to do it. But instead of going to the kitchen, I was able to contact a friend who prayed for me and the voice went away.

I mention these two stories because I want you to understand that prayer is amazing when you use it as a weapon to defend the things God wants to protect.

The Real World
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