Friday, March 9, 2018

The Church

I want to share some practical advice about some controversial issues facing Christians in America today.

1. We need to support Israel.

The nation of Israel, to use computer terminology, was chosen by God to "beta test" His salvation
"program" before making it available to the rest of the world. (See 1 Corinthians 10:11)

However, I want to let you know that many times in the past Israel has been mistreated by the Church.

I have spoken before about how the Apostles considered their ministry to be like breastfeeding a baby; I think it needs to be said that there have been many times in the past when Church leaders were not able to function at that level. There have been times when the Church was not able to accomplish that much.

2. We need to realize why people are not interested in attending Church services.

The real reason people are losing interest in the traditional institution of the Church is actually very
simple. The reason is because many of our Church leaders think we can offer life application principles to make money, to have better marriages, to share parenting advice, social justice work or political power to make the Church an important part of their lives.

This is why they are leaving, because there are people like Oprah and Dr. Phil who are doing that.

The Message of Christianity is something that people like Oprah and Dr. Phil cannot offer, and if we
want Churches to stop being empty, then we need to make the thing that people like Oprah are not
sharing a priority again.

3. We need to be prepared to suffer.

If you make the choice to become the kind of person I have been speaking and writing about here, you will find out real fast who your friends are...and you might not have any friends at all. All I can
do is warn you about this and offer you words of encouragement. (1 Peter 4:12)

In recent years before Trump ran for President and won, I have heard a lot of talk about how to rally
the silent majority into a political position favored by the Church. I think we need to start asking
God if the silent majority is actually a non Christian majority.

The Church

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