Friday, April 6, 2018

Preparing For The End

I want to share some practical advice to help prepare yourself for life after death.

1. Make sure you are a Christian.

There is a change of heart that God creates in those people He considers to be Christians. This change is so dramatic that you will notice it immediately, even if you do not know enough about God and the Bible to explain what it means. (2 Peter 1:10)

2. Make sure you are growing up.

Every day your ability to trust God on the terms he dictates to us in the Bible should increase. The Podcasts and Blog entries I am writing are designed with that in mind.

If you have been listening to the Podcasts and reading the blog entries on a regular basis, the people who know you the best should be asking or commenting about what happened to you. They will be able to see the difference this is making in your life easier than you can.

3. Make a commitment to become a messenger who shares the Gospel across relationships on the basis of compassion for others, or dedicate your life to pray for someone who is working as a messenger of the Gospel.

God's biggest concern is the number of people who die and go to hell everyday. God loves them, and paid a very high price to rescue them from that fate. However, God's rescue plan cannot make a difference without the Church's cooperation, and there are three ways to cooperate.

The first way is to dedicate your life to taking the Message of Christianity to the worst part of the battle. There are some who are poorly trained disciples out on the front lines inviting unbelievers to take that first and most difficult step of faith.

These Christians out on the front lines are not as skilled as I am, but with God's help, I am doing this so that those who are reading this can take their place at the front so they can begin to study the Bible like I did. That will make the entire Church better prepared for the struggles we are facing together. (See Ephesians 6:10-20)

The third way is to pray for those who are busy with the other two ways. If you cannot be out on the front lines yourself, then dedicate your life to pray for someone who is out on the front lines.


The End

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